Welcome & Many Mahalos

Hello friends!  We are Russ & Sam, the writers and creators of puffintreesco. We both have a fire within our souls that shouts out, come find me!  But to where shall we find what we are looking for, that is why we travel!  For the knowledge, smells, sights, colors, senses, that our home cannot provide us.  We seek things that are beyond familiar and decided, why not share that with other people who have the same passion.  We have always been mandatory vacationers, 2 vacations a year to chisel away at the stress and mundane days of work.  After almost five years of being together, we realized those two short vacations a year were not enough to set ablaze that fire within us, there was something missing.  As the years sprawl out behind us, we are entering the next decade of our lives.  Boo to the naysayers that 30s is downhill, we are taking that old adage and marching up that hill, and onto a plane, to a world where the fires burn bright.



Born and raised on the island of Oahu,  Sam grew up seeing the ocean all around, making the world she lives in that much smaller, yet the people within it that much closer.  She grew up knowing all the generations of her family, from her great grandparents, to her grandparents, her aunties, uncles, cousins, which she treasures.  Deep down, her friends are her family too, and their parents are also aunties and uncles all teaching us life lessons.  But even with all the close ties and love (plus the warm sand beaches and unique island cuisine), there lurks island fever.  The underlying nagging that there is more to life far away from this rock in the middle of the sea.  Sam believes in always keeping an open mind, and consistently seeking knowledge.  
"Through travel with my awesome boyfriend we experience and grow so much.  We see ourselves and the world in a different light that doesn't shine the way it does at home.  To take a risk is scary, to examine your life is challenging, but, as Socrates once said, 'a life left un-examined is a life not worth living.'"


On his quest for his personal legend, with his beautiful soulmate by his side, Russell pursues in his quest to understanding the world. Through the finest of palaces and into the thickets of darkness, this pursuit for understanding and unity of humanity is a worthy ideal every step of the way. Various hobbies and arts keep this buddha's mind young, and you'll always find him trying to learn and understand more. His passion and curiosity of the unknown urges this scientist to expand into various other fields. A compassionate stoic of sorts with the goal of working towards peace within himself and those he encounters. Onward, into the abyss of our minds...

"There is a deeper meaning to life that we understand as children. Our imaginations connect us to the universe, and inevitably to one another. We are gods of our world; being that it may, our actions define who we are. My love and I will venture onto our life journey exploring the world and the larger picture within ourselves"

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